Story Time

Each new day in our lives begins on a fresh clean piece of white paper, a new tale waiting to be told.

About Me July 26, 2010

Wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, teacher and speaker, I began my writing career as a published author by writing inspirational short stories in the late eighties. in 2005 I made my debut as a novelist with The Gentile and the Jew: A Divine Romance. The book’s beloved characters made such an impact on readers that the story continued to flow, resulting in a sequel, Going Home: A Divine Journey, which was published in the fall of 2007. My love for storytelling took a totally different turn in Sweet Beulah Land which became available in December 2008. Most recently, DAN & JEANNIE became an E-book and ARRIVEDERCI, Y’ALL!, the first book in the SISTERS TOGETHER FOREVER series, went to press. Read about all three books and more on the “Books” page at 
I am very happily married to the guy I fell in love with at the Beta Club Convention in high school, Ricky Thomas. We have two lovely daughters and six very precious grandchildren.  Our home is in southeastern North Carolina. 

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