Story Time

Each new day in our lives begins on a fresh clean piece of white paper, a new tale waiting to be told.


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(Excerpt from CAPE FEAR CONNIPTIONS, the second in the Sisters Together Forever Series and my newest book! Out just in time for Christmas shopping!)

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One October in the not so distant past, Jules decided to join the ancient Israelites and hosted a celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles on her lovely seven-acre property in the country. She prepared a beautiful sukkah in a grape arbor, and we bravely set up our tents here and there and everywhere. Not until the first pain in my weak bladder did I realize what an unintelligent thing I had done. That first pain came about an hour or so after the rain started while I slept serenely on my extremely comfortable air mattress. When I could contain myself no longer, I rolled off the air mattress to go to the bathroom which was yards away in Jules’s house. Splat! I landed in at least two inches of water that had filled the floor of my nice little tent. Soaking wet, in pain, and deeply regretting my decision to rough it like the ancient Israelites, I trekked back and forth to the house the remainder of the night.

During one of those miserable treks, I suddenly recalled that the Israelites’ bathroom facilities were commanded by Moses to be situated outside the camp, meaning all the old ladies and pregnant women had a serious problem back then. I figured the children were not potty trained until they were old enough to go outside the camp by themselves. I vowed that the next time anyone brought up the idea of camping out I would pretend not to listen, and so far, it’s worked.