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MISSION POSSIBLE December 20, 2010

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Location: Earth/Destination: Jerusalem

We arrived in the Christian year of our King, 2240, or the year 6000 on the calendar of the Jews. Earth’s weather was perfect. The time of the year the earthlings call October was bursting with gorgeous colors almost equal to those of our land, but not quite. Regardless, as we hovered over the eastern coast of the United States, our entire entourage couldn’t help but gaze in amazement for quite a while until Captain Ezra reminded us that time was now of the essence. I stared at him like he was crazy until I remembered that for a certain part of our journey we would be limited, in many ways, the same as mankind. Each of us had agreed to the strange time limitation as we stood before the Great King to receive His instructions for the mission as well as His blessing.

Having been given permission by the King Himself, we had entered Earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the western deserts of North America. We then followed the ribbon of highway called Interstate 40 as it wound its way across an incredible diversity of land and foliage. Our navigator, Percival, the most experienced of our team except for Captain Ezra, gave us quite a detailed description of each area as we passed over. We laughed when the Captain said we were like far-out tourists and Percival asked, “What are tourists, Captain?” Funny thing was, nobody knew.

Our ship spun like a beam of light and headed east toward our final destination, the great city of the King—Jerusalem.

My name is Marcus. I’ve been on innumerable missions but this is my first to Earth, the one planet in this specific universe every light being hopes to visit. Furthermore, this is also the assignment every messenger dreams of. Not since Gabriel’s last visit has one of us been so honored. He’s with us this time as well, of course. There would be no mission without him. I haven’t talked to him at all. We have orders not to interrupt his preparatory contemplation. I can’t imagine how he is feeling. My anxiety level would be off the charts! But that’s me, not Gabriel. He’s Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected, as the earthlings say. And so big and bright! Gabriel’s presence fills space like a giant galaxy moving through a universe. Experience counts, too, of course, and no light being’s can match the big guy’s.

Percival told me that Gabriel is even more somber than usual because this is probably his last mission to Earth. He said that after this assignment is complete, there will be no more need for the famous messenger. But I doubt that. Perhaps the King will need him again in this universe, but if not, certainly in many others.

As for me, my assignment is certainly nothing compared to Gabriel’s. Ha! Captain Ezra heard me saying that a few light years back and called me to the carpet, so to speak. Said I had been listening in to earthlings’ conversations much too often. Part of my task was to study their ways and speech before the journey began, but the Captain warned me that comparing ourselves one to the other is wrong and certainly not allowed in our line of work. And so, I’m trying not to compare myself with anyone, particularly Gabriel. Actually, I am very happy carrying out the work I was created to do.

Along with my friend, Ariel, I am the group’s historian and I love it. Planet Earth has been my personal assignment since I was created and I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting subject. In my opinion, there is no place in any universe that has a more exciting history than this little ball of water and dirt. I remember when I first heard of Earth. Being an historian of extensive expertise, my assignments have taken me to worlds far beyond Earth’s galaxy, far outside the universe in which Earth orbits around its sun. And then, like historians everywhere, I spend a great deal of “time” in the Great Library, studying the works of thousands as well as writing my own books and reports within its hallowed halls. For me personally, the Library is the most fascinating building in the Kingdom and I esteem myself most honored in having the ability and the expertise to maneuver my way through its never-ending corridors filled with data files, shelves and media storage facilities. I am rattling on, I know, so I will try to pilot my way back to the purpose of this journal which is to record my own personal and onsite view of the third greatest and final event in the history of planet Earth.

Because our air ship cannot be seen by earthlings unless the Captain allows it in certain situations, we are able to sail through Earth’s atmosphere at very low levels, sometimes almost touching the surface of the planet. It’s been reported that man, in Earth’s long ago past, has described our ship as a “wheel within a wheel” with fire in its center. While studying the Great Book together, Percival and I have often discussed the matter in minute detail. Once, we stared at the ship for many Earth hours, finally coming to the conclusion that the prophet was correct in his assessment, although somewhat simplistic.

In all the universes I have visited in the Kingdom, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything to compare with this small place called Earth. Not that it’s better than other places, just unique. Its history is as well. I wasn’t with the Great King at that point, but many of the messengers who were there at Earth’s creation say that it was one of the most joyful events the Kingdom has ever experienced, before or since. Percival is quite old and he has told me many times that all the messengers, seraphim, cherubim, and most all the creatures of the Kingdom were standing on tiptoe, as it were, watching as the King called new life into being. Water, wind and fire, the power of which man has not yet fully tapped, burst forth out of nothing and nowhere. Truly, it was a sight to behold.

We are now soaring rather high above a mighty ocean called the Atlantic. Gigantic waves are rolling, topped with a white froth that looks rather like the snow we saw on the mountain tops in the Rocky Mountains of America. It was from this ocean that dry land first appeared and with it, incredible numbers of life forms, some still unknown to man. The depths of the waters are unfathomable to earthlings although our ship could dive to its massive floor in just one of Earth’s seconds if we so desired. However—and this is a strange phrase to come from a messenger’s pen—we do not have time. We have an appointment on a hill just outside the Great City, Jerusalem.

(to be continued)